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Technology provides kids the miracle of speech

Maria Chukalovskaya loves that she can now interact in a conversation.

The joy of communicating have been denied the 12-year-old — who has motor talent problems affecting speech — earlier than utilizing a life-changing technology that permits her to attach by ability of a “Hummer” constructed at Toronto’s Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

It converts vocal cord vibrations right into a virtual sign which may then be understood and heard on a pc or phone.

“Before I was upset. Now I really sense tremendous glad and I use my pc to speak to of us who desire to speak to me,” Maria said.

She has been running with the Hummer because 2012 and it takes time to master.

“It wasn’t easy, but I by no ability gave up,” she added.

Maria have been in a personal faculty specializing in her disability, but is now integrated in a mainstream school. She’s  finding out Russian and French alongside with the normal curriculum.

“I love my computer. I love to read and I love to speak to people,” Maria s…

WOLOSHYN: Technology was meant to make our lives worry-free. Oops

There’s a vintage scene within the Marx Brothers movie Horse Feathers the place Groucho is making an attempt to achieve access right into a speakeasy.

The man in fee of admission, performed by Chico, explains he desires to recognize the password and gives him a hint.  “It’s a fish,” he whispers.

Groucho: “I got it. Haddock.”

Chico: “That’s a funny, trigger I got a haddock to.”

Back then, that made me laugh.

But not do I laugh, whilst I pay attention the phrase “password” today.

It’s not funny at all.

It is in reality an annoyance. It makes my eyeballs bulge like that actress on the television present Blackish.

It is the scourge of the technology world.

Even the man credited with inventing the word, Fernando Corbato, referred to it as:  “Kind of a nightmare.”

Kind of? How many passwords do you have?

I have one for my computer, one for Facebook, one for LinkedIn, one for my phone, one for on-line banking, for my laptop, wifi, apps and limitless present and loyalty programs.

And simply due to the fa…

How to Get Your Hands on Fast Speedy Internet

We live in a world where we need to be connected all the time. Making sure that you have fast speed internet is extremely important. The question is, what is the best way to get fast speed internet?

As technology gets smarter, so does our internet. There are many different options on the market that could provide you with fast speed internet, but the best one is definitely that of a satellite connection. Satellite internet will provide you with a much more reliable connection and it can be used all over the world, no matter where you are situated.

Satellite internet access works by using two-way data communication. These satellites have been designed to upload and download, and to make it a lot easier for you to connect to the internet without the hassle that you are probably used to experiencing. There are no cables or wires involved when it comes to satellite internet, and it will provide you with access to the online world about 10 times faster than DSL would. Satellite internet is…

Hydro One technicians to aid in California wildfire recovery

Hydro One technicians will support with restoration efforts in California following a devastating wildfire that killed dozens of of us and destroyed lots of homes.

Ontario’s greatest utility stated about 20 forestry technicians will journey to northern California on Monday to aid check electric methods in parts that had been obliterated by the fire.

“Our mind and prayers are with these affected by this devastating fire,” stated Greg Kiraly, Hydro One’s leader working officer, in a statement. “Our exceptionally professional forestry technicians are uniquely qualified to aid check the machine throughout this time of crisis.”

U.S. experts stated the Camp fire was absolutely contained on Sunday after burning for extra than NULL weeks, killing at the least 85 people, flattening virtually 19,000 homes and leaving 249 of us unaccounted for.

Crews are sifting by way of ash and particles in search of human stays whereas also attempting to fix power, phone and gasoline utilities.

Hydro One stated it…