Technology provides kids the miracle of speech

Maria Chukalovskaya loves that she can now interact in a conversation.

The joy of communicating have been denied the 12-year-old — who has motor talent problems affecting speech — earlier than utilizing a life-changing technology that permits her to attach by ability of a “Hummer” constructed at Toronto’s Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

It converts vocal cord vibrations right into a virtual sign which may then be understood and heard on a pc or phone.

“Before I was upset. Now I really sense tremendous glad and I use my pc to speak to of us who desire to speak to me,” Maria said.

She has been running with the Hummer because 2012 and it takes time to master.

“It wasn’t easy, but I by no ability gave up,” she added.

Maria have been in a personal faculty specializing in her disability, but is now integrated in a mainstream school. She’s  finding out Russian and French alongside with the normal curriculum.

“I love my computer. I love to read and I love to speak to people,” Maria said.

The Hummer was constructed by Dr. Tom Chau — vice president of study and senior scientist at Holland Bloorview —  who was lately presented the Order of Ontario  for his creative work.

He stated Maria is an instance how unlocking the global of communication can assist a baby blossom merely by permitting them to exhibit themselves.

“It permits infants to take part with a greater community,” stated Chau,  who additional he's just thankful to assist infants like Maria have a brand new global of possibilities.

“They can cross from being not able to exhibit themselves to being capable to do this extra and extra every day.”

He stated his desire is the Order of Ontario “will assist increase awareness of childhood disability study going on in Ontario and encourage in we all a global and not using a boundaries.”

Maria’s mom stated she can’t think life with out the Hummer technology.

“Today, my daughter Maria is a 12-year vintage lady who's vibrant and social,” stated Elena Chukalovskaya.

“She loves to write down tales and perform school. She could be very pleased with her achievements in academics, acting all her faculty work utilizing her gadget which she controls with the Hummer. Our household believes that the impact of the technology Maria makes use of is life-changing. ”

Chau’s study isn’t work,  stated Donna Cappelli, whose baby with a disability also participated in Hummer research.

“It’s his passion. He is stimulated by making a difference. I realize that Tom’s work goes to swap lives dramatically for a lot of infants with disabilities,” Cappelli said.

Dozens of infants are finding out with the Hummer at Holland Bloorview — discovered on Kilgour Rd. in  East York — utilizing the technology as their foremost ability of communication.


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